Battery Fighter Junior Series


Battery Fighter® Jr.’s 3 stage charging voltage program for 12V battery


Introduction to 3 stage charging program

1.      Qualification

2.     Bulk Charge

3.     Float charge


Step 1.  Qualification : Check to ensure safety by verifying the battery status prior to charging.  Now you will know if batteries need replacing without guessing.


Step 2.  Bulk Charge : provide the constant current at 750 mA, directly raise the battery voltage up to 14.4VDC 100% recharged. Then it will switch to step 3, Float charge.


Step 3.  Float Charge : maintain the battery at 13.2VDC float voltage after fully recharged. However an external load is applied to the battery during the float charge, as long as the battery voltage drops below the range between 12.0 to 12.5 VDC, then the charge cycle will automatically start again.