Jump Starters

Battery Fighter lithium rechargable jump starters are made to produce to their intended purpose. There are many jump starters on the market claiming to be able to start vehicles but then only offer CCA's (Cold Cranking Amps) well below the CCA rating of the battery designed into that vehicle. This means they probably wont work when you need them most, with a completely dead battery!

Our products include as standard what most competitors do not:

By selecting the right jump starter for the right job ensures the Battery Fighter you choose will do as required when needed. This means the correctly selected Battery Fighter Jump Starter will actually start a vehicle with a completely dead battery! Just what any user would expect. Click the quick reference guides below to ensure you select the correct product for its intended use.


Model No & Description Chemistry Voltage Width Height Length/Breadth/Depth Weight


Mini power jump starter with 330A (500A peak) cranking output. Also serves as a 36.6W/hr portable powerbank with 5V 2.1A USB output

Lithium Ion Polymer (LiPo) 5V/12 85 48 158 540